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Barkers Creek Pork – 4 x King Rib Cutlet Pack – Frozen – 1.2kg



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Barkers Creek Pork is a Kingaroy and South Burnett icon. Produced locally at the Swickers Bacon Factory (which is now the largest pork processor in the Southern Hemisphere and is one of the region’s biggest employers). Barkers Creek Pork is selected from prime fresh cuts of quality, grain fed Australian pork, much of it farmed in the South Burnett or neighbouring regions. The entire Barkers Creek Pork range is moisture infused to assist with temperature tolerance ensuring tenderness, irrespective of cooking times and methods, and is designed for the food service industry, but you can now buy from TASTE South Burnett what is usually reserved for top chefs.

These juicy, tender king rib cutlets are perfect for the barbecue, with the rich flavour that only comes from meat on the bone. These large servings of prime king rib pork cutlet are already moisture infused before being vacuum packed and snap frozen, ready for sale. Each portion weighs 250g+ and it is a simple as defrosting, removing from the cryovac pack and cooking on the BBQ, grill or frying pan to your preference. Divine, and sure to satisfy even the most discerning carnivore.

– Top tip – this is a big thick cut of meat, so try cooking on the BBQ plate with the hood down to trap in the heat and lock in the flavour (or even bake in the oven at a moderate heat), and then finish by char grilling. 

Sold frozen, and  vacuum packed for freshness. Gluten free.

*** N.B. This price does NOT include preparation or cooking, just the frozen cut of meat itself. If you wish for TASTE South Burnett to prepare or cook this product for catering purposes, please contact us. Fees may apply ***


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