Pressed Purity – High Lignan Flaxseed Oil 375ml



Pressed Purity High Lignan Flaxseed oil is produced at Proteco Oils in the Old Kingaroy Butter Factory. This cold pressed natural oil is made from Australian sourced, high quality flax (linseed).High lignan flaxseed oil is 100% natural and unrefined, ensuring it is fresh, flavoursome and packed full of Omega 3 (Flaxseed/linseed oil is the richest possible source of Omega 3 essential fatty acids in vegetable oils). The lignans are part of the flaxseed husk that are blended back in with the oil after the pressing, to further improve the healthy benefits of this oil. With a smooth, slightly sweet and nutty flavour (very nice on salads, in a smoothie or pleasant on it’s own) and packed full of great natural goodness.

Best stored refrigerated for longer life.


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