Barkers Creek Pork – Slow Cooked Pork Belly – Frozen – 0.8kg





Barkers Creek Pork is a Kingaroy and South Burnett icon. Produced locally at the Swickers Bacon Factory (which is now the largest pork processor in the Southern Hemisphere and is one of the region’s biggest employers). Barkers Creek Pork is selected from prime fresh cuts of quality, grain fed Australian pork, much of it farmed in the South Burnett or neighbouring regions. The entire Barkers Creek Pork range is moisture infused to assist with temperature tolerance ensuring tenderness, irrespective of cooking times and methods, and is designed for the food service industry, but you can now buy from TASTE South Burnett what is usually reserved for top chefs.

This juicy, rich Pork Belly is already moisture infused, marinated and slow cooked before being vacuum packed and snap frozen, ready for sale. Each portion weighs 800g+ (for catering, factor in about a 20% drop in weight after reheating/crackling). As it is very rich in flavour, generally a portion size of between 80-150g will be enough for most appetites, meaning that each Barkers Creek Pork Belly should be suitable for between 5 – 8 people. See below for tips on cooking the pork belly perfectly to crispy, crackly perfection. However, do be afraid to experiment with this versatile cut of pork (e.g we put thinly sliced strips of pork belly on our Caesar salad, and it also matches extremely well with our creamy”Pommes Dauphinoise”Potato Bake)

Sold frozen, and vacuum packed for freshness. Gluten free.

Shannon’s tips for cooking the perfect Barker’s Creek Pork Belly
Perfect Preparation:
The secret to a crispy crackling is all in the preparation. In a lightly oiled (with Pressed Purity Sesame Oil) baking tray, place defrosted pork belly rind side up. With a piece of disposable paper towel, pat/rub dry the rind of the pork belly.
Using a sharp knife, slice rind (approx. 5mm deep) in a criss-cross pattern approx. 10mm apart and pat dry again.
Rub a small amount of Pressed Purity sesame oil over the entire rind and sprinkle a generous amount of salt (salt helps extract moisture). Put back into the fridge for as long as possible. Before you cook it, pat the rind dry again with paper towel.
Always remember: The drier the rind, the better the crackle.

Cooking tips
Multifunction Electric Oven: Cook at 170° on the “fan grill” function for approx. 40 mins. (varies between ovens). Skin should be lightly crisp/crackled all over.
Fan Forced Electric Oven: Cook at 220° on the “fan forced” function for approx. 20 mins (varies between ovens) until skin is lightly crisp/crackled. Reduce heat to 160° and cook for a further 15 minutes
Fan Forced Electric Oven with a grill: Cook at 170° on the “fan forced” function for approx. 30 mins. Move the warmed pork belly to the grill (or change the oven setting to grill function) and cook until skin is lightly crisp/crackled. Keep a close eye on it though, as the rind can burn quickly if left unattended.
BBQ With Hood: Get the BBQ as hot as possible with the hood down. Use a disposable foil tray and place the pork belly on a roasting rack in the foil tray, to stop the direct heat of the BBQ plates from burning the pork. Place in BBQ and leave the hood down for at least 15 minutes. If skin has started to crackle/crisp, turn burners down to minimum and cook with the hood down for a further 10min to ensure the meat is heated evenly. (Cooking times can vary greatly between different BBQs, so you pay close attention to the meat while it is cooking to ensure the best results)

*** N.B. This price does NOT include preparation or cooking, just the frozen cut of meat itself. If you wish for TASTE South Burnett to prepare or cook this product for catering purposes, please contact us. Fees may apply ***


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