Pressed Purity – Avocado Oil 250ml



Pressed Purity Avocado oil is produced at Proteco Oils in the Old Kingaroy Butter Factory. This cold pressed natural oil is made from locally sourced avocados. Being 100% natural and unrefined, it retains its natural deep green colour, wonderful taste and nutritional health benefits. Designed to be used cool (heating can make it bitter, so it is best avoided), it adds a fantastic twist to vinaigrette (try blending it with New England Larder White Balsamic Vinegar), drizzle over salads (Shannon’s favourite salad dressing is simply a drizzle of avocado oil with lashings of New England Larder Caramelised Balsamic Vinegar), and it is the (not-so) “secret” ingredient in our bruschetta here at the cellar door. Not only does it taste great, it will also do wonders for your skin and hair. A must buy.


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